Wine Chat TV Episode 13: Interview with Tom Tiburzi

Written by pope on June 8th, 2009

Chandon’s head winemaker, Tom Tiburzi , stops by the Wine Chat Studio to talk about his sparkling wines, favorite food pairings, and how to correctly open a bottle of bubbly. The tough questions come out as Jase throws down like Matt Lauer in this great interview. Be sure to check out part one and two of this awesome episode!!!


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  1. Jase says:

    Matt Lauer, huh? I was hoping for more of a Larry King. I guess I'll have to work on it.

    I wanted to mention that the taste at the end was the first time I'd tasted Chandon Brut in years, and I was pretty impressed. Off camera, you can tell that Tom is very happy with the product he puts out under $20. So am I. It's a little soft, but very drinkable. A solid thumbs up at this price.

  2. Caitlin says:

    This was a great episode! Very informative, but I did miss Chris this time :)

  3. WineLife365 says:


    One of the best parts of the interview with Tom was when he demonstrated how to properly and safely open up a bottle of bubbly. That was a great visual tip to share with viewers.

    On another note- Where was the love for fried foods and Chandon? Gotta say it, fried calamari and Chandon Brut is Um,um good!



  4. JaseB says:

    I can't honestly say I've ever had Chandon with calamari. I usually go with something lean, still, and waxy when I'm frying squid. But I certainly agree with the premise, and I'll have to give it a try. Heck, if it involves fat, salt, and sparkling wine… I'm in!

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